Flevo Rubber Compounding (FRC) guarantees quality and service. Specialized in the development, production and application of customer-specific rubber compounds in an array of delivery forms, FRC has enjoyed a central place within the European market of rubber producers and suppliers.

FRC supplies tailor-made and customer-specified compounds which are delivered to a wide customer segment within the rubberprocessing industry and which are used in numerous applications. 

The history of Flevo Rubber Compounding starts in Lelystad, in 1987. Since then a continuous growth in size, experience, technlogy and ambition has been realized.

Within our company the customer and the added value which we can create together is centralized at all times. In all our activities we are actively contributing towards our Core Values: 

  • Quality of both product and organisation.
  • Service at any stage in the process: From order to after-sales. 
  • Expertise in recipe composition, production and application.
  • Flexibility, in all levels of our company. 

At FRC, our dedicated staff works in close cooperation with our customers to optimally meet customer needs and adjust where necessary.
Thanks to our continuous attention to research, development and customer oriented manufacturing, combined with service and high quality ingredients, we have successfully continued our growth in the 21st century.