Production Rubber Compounds
Production Rubber Compound

Your Compound, Our Mission

At FRC we apply state of the art mixing technology to meet the demands of today’s market. The compound preparation is done in modern internal mixers with intermeshing rotor design and subsequent compound finishing lines. These production lines offer a great extent of automation.

Together with the expertise of our dedicated production staff and employees this is the basis for a secure and seamless production, smooth delivery and optimal processing of our compounds into finished articles in our customer’s processes. Just like the compound recipe, also the mixing procedure and finishing lines are continuously optimized, in strong cooperation with FRC R&D department and the customer.

As such, FRC is able to produce a wide range of compounds, based on numerous polymers and a great array of delivery forms:

We produce compounds for the numerous processing techniques in our customer base, such as:

Mainly based on elastomers like EP(D)M, NR; SBR, CR and (H)NBR.

This versatile range of processing techniques demand specific delivery forms. In various finishing lines FRC is able to deliver:

  • Extrusion
    – Hot-air, UHF/HA, LCM, Autoclave, steam-pipe
  • Injection Moulding
  • Compression Moulding
  • Transfer Moulding
  • Autoclave
  • Calendaring Processes
  • Endless strip
  • Sheets
  • Calendered goods

Also here we strive for a close communication and apply packaging according our customer specific requested specifications and prerequisites. As such we are able to offer a wide variation of dimensions of the supplied goods (strip, sheet or roll width, thickness and weight) We can deliver goods with and without the use of separation foil (various types) or release agent We have straining facilities available and can provide final supply packaging in the shape of one way or euro pallets, returnable gitterboxes, card box packaging, etc.

It is our pleasure to be your reliable service-oriented and flexible compound production partner!