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flevo rubber compound compounding compounds flevorubber


Besides optimizing our extensive recipe portfolio and mixing procedures, developing brand new recipes belong to our core competencies. In a creative, yet realistic and solution driven atmosphere we develop tomorrow’s compounds, in direct communication with the critical disciplines of our customers (technical, commercial, production). This comprises new applications, changed (more stringent) norms for mechanical or environmental requirements, but also screening of new and alternative raw materials.

Furthermore, we participate in joint developments and produce compounds under an agreement of confidentiality, especially when compounds need to have a specific composition and where the recipe is and remains property of the customer.

In our development projects we strive to keep the project times as short as possible. This by providing well supported trial deliveries, optional on-site support and controlled up scaling to larger volume deliveries. In such manner we create tailor-made compounds which are robust and easy to process. Evidently low costs, high efficiency and making use of most recent developments in terms of raw materials are always our target.

Besides our modern production facilities, we use our broad experience and expertise in the field of rubber technology and our in-depth knowledge of polymer science and chemistry in order to react in a swift, flexible and well-founded manner to the ever changing needs in the rubber industry.


Moreover, our team of experts is continuously improving our production efficiency, mixing procedures and fine tuning our recipes. Here, once again, the objective is to meet the needs and demands of our customers, who in turn are continuously confronted with ever changing and more stringent norms and requirements. We have proven to be able to meet these needs head on and our expertise also enables us to react fast on market dynamics and the (non) availability and composition of new and existing raw materials.