rubber compounding compounds
Rubber Compounding Material Development

Flevo Rubber Compounding’s R&D enjoys a central and essential position within our organization. It acts as an intermediary between our customers and the various FRC departments: Purchasing, Production, Planning and Sales. All this with the common goal to create the conditions necessary for a seamless production, smooth delivery and optimal processing of our compounds into finished articles. All our compounds are fine-tuned for use within the various production systems of our customers, such as extrusion, injection and compression moulding. Only in this way FRC’s position as Custom Compounder can be maintained and expanded. Our long-term relations with our customers and the successes they can achieve with our compounds is our target at all times.

Within this dynamic department the daily quality control of the compounds is seamlessly intertwined with the research and development of both improved and entirely new compounds. The close cooperation and direct and open communication with our customers and the understanding of their needs are a key factor.


In a well equipped, ISO certified, laboratory we assure problem free production with low reject rates and narrow tolerances. Quality is controlled via “in line” measurement of rheological properties (Mooney Viscosity and rheometer) and standardized vulcanisate testing of ultimate properties like hardness, tensile and tear strength, compression set, etc.

As such, all our compounds are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis in which our test results are presented. Also here we cooperate with our customer to provide tailor-made test reports, as the required test results and number of tests differ for each application.