Your Compound, Our Mission

Flevo Rubber Compounding develops and produces quality rubber compounds which are individually tuned to your application, specification and processing technology. Our program offers a wide range of compounds, specifically designed for extrusion, injection and compression moulding and autoclave processing.

Our company manufactures rubber formulations which are applied in a great variety of markets. Examples are: Machinery, automotive (heavy duty and car industry), Building and construction, drainage, agriculture, and industrial applications, like conveyor belts and their supplements (sidewalls and cleats).
FRC’s formulations are mainly based on the elastomers: EPDM, NR; SBR, CR and NBR and our portfolio comprises over 500 active recipes, which are continuously developed and improved to meet our customer’s needs.

Our state of the art production technology and processing techniques combined with high flexibility, reliability and quality are our basis to meet our customers most stringent demands.

Only in this way FRC’s position as Custom Compounder can be maintained and expanded. Our long-term relations with our customers and the successes they can achieve with our compounds is our target at all times. It is our pleasure to be your reliable service-oriented partner!

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